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8 Simple Rules for Digital Travel Packing

Digital Preparation is key

In this day and age technology is arguably unavoidable in travel; from booking flights and accommodation, to digital credit cards for foreign currency. This adds an element of complexity to just packing a suitcase and catching a flight.

Here are 8 simple tips I have compiled to help make your life easier when it comes to efficient digital packing for travel:

  1. Apple Wallet – Use your apple wallet or equivalent to store of all your plane tickets, activity passes and bank cards. This means if you lose or damage the physical item you still have access to all necessary records through your phone
  2. Banking Apps – Prior to departure make sure your bank account apps are all working and that you have money available in multiple accounts. You do not need to have vast sums of money available in each but this means if one of your cards stops working you have a back up so you are not caught short. There are many free current accounts available with no charges for account maintenance or foreign exchange rates. Make sure you read all Ts & Cs thoroughly before signing up to avoid hidden fees, do not be tempted to skip the reading before agreeing to the contract.
  3. Digital Itinerary – As much as I love a paper copy it is always a good idea to have key details of your holiday outlined on your notes app or equivalent. This can include flight details, activities planned, transport including bus routes and schedules. Having all this information in one place means there is less stress and easier navigation for your journey as you do not have to sift through multiple paper documents
  4. Personal Information Folder – It is a good idea to keep a note of any important document numbers in a locked or protected document prior to leaving. This means if there is any damage to your documents e.g. health insurance card if you have a note of your customer account number it will enable you contact your provider quicker. Other important document numbers to keep note of include insurance documents, passport number, drivers licence numbered any contact numbers
  5. Downloads – Flight mode is required on all planes, additionally when not in the air you will face high data roaming charges if you choose to stream digital content such as Netflix while on your travels if no Wifi is available. Be prepared and pre-download (on wifi) a range of TV shows, movies, music, podcasts and meditations prior to your departure as these will then be available for your enjoyment any time, any place
  6. Power Bank – A power bank is crucial. You can easily be caught short if the batteries on your devices deplete unexpectedly or if you are at an airport waiting on a delayed flight you will not always be guaranteed access to a plug socket. A power bank gives you the peace of mind that for all devices you have a power source and can continue taking photos and making memories until your heart is content. I’d recommend looking into the capacity and outlets supported by the power bank you are looking at purchasing e.g. USB-C as well as customer reviews before investing your money
  7. Travel Adapter – Be mindful that depending on what territory you travel to the mains electricity outlets differ. Invest in a multifaceted travel adapter which allows you to purchase only one device which works in a range of countries including UK, USA and Europe. These are available with multiple outlets including USB and USB-C allowing you to charge several devices at one time. Again it is advised to do your research before purchase to ensure quality and requirements are met
  8. Backup to iCloud – Protect yourself and backup all your devices to iCloud or equivalent. This ensures if something happens to one of your devices your data and information can be retrieved from the Cloud onto a new device and is not lost forever

It is always better to over-prepare when it comes to travelling especially if doing it solo. Preparation for most conceivable eventualities allows for peace of mind and more capacity for enjoyment of your adventures.


Amy Elizabeth

Solo Girl Summer

27 June 2023